1980s – History of Pin-Up

Party Dance Time! We’ve reached the fashion explosion known as the 1980s on our History of Pin-Up tour.  And just like every other time we get bawdy beyond good taste, we bounce back like a bungee jumper back into conservative taste.

1980s Style

1980s Inspired Pin-Up. Note the bright colors, big hair, and work-out wardrobe. She’s fit to be a star. Photo by Chris Wooley

The 1970s pushed the boundaries of sexuality, mass production, and teenage boy hormones.  So we’ve got to respond by flipping it around and putting on an ultra glamorous persona.  Welcome 1980s and all its glory.

Lets start be checking out the style of the time period. Enter vibrant color, big hair, and caked on make-up. There’s a reason so many school spirit weeks have a day dedicated to 80s fashion: it’s memorable.  From neon workout attire to Hammer pants – you know the look of the 80s when you see it. And the pin-up world loved it.

Ok – now for the major influences of the era.  MTV Launched in August of 1981 – and with it came music videos. And what better way to compliment the music scene than having nice visuals, sexy women, and catchy tunes.  Madonna and Pat Benetar made their shots to super stardom. Thriller and Walk Like an Egyptian bring out cameos for bombshells.

We are once again brought together with the stars of the era via the big screen – but this time on the little screen.  Movies were a major motivator for the boyhood crushes on celebrities.  I don’t think we’ve seen as good of movies as what the 1980s produced.  We’ve got Star Wars Return of the Jedi featuring Slave Leia, National Lampoons Movies,  Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Risky Business, Caddy Shack, Weird Science, Porky’s,  and about a billion other movies with awesome sexy scenes thrown in there.   When we throw in the newly created Video Cassette, we have the ability to watch these lovely ladies anytime and in the comfort of your own home. Talk about a quick way to focus in on their assets.

And finally, we have an emerging porno video scene starting to take shape.  The VHS makes adult movie stars household names. You no longer have to watch home movies or go to an adult theatre.

The technology of the 1980s set a new wave of sexual icons into motion. Thankfully, this technology wasn’t quite there in the 1970s.

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