Character Types

Frequently in movies, TV shows, commercials, and modeling we’ll see the same basic characters over and over again. Which type do you look most like? It’s important to work with your agent and acting coach to find out which character types you fit into. Once you know a direction that you’re perfect for, you can start creating headshots that fill that niche.

To help determine your type, think about roles that you’d be perfect for if you had the opportunity. Don’t say “any”. Be specific. What actors do you want to model your career on? Are you more Tom Cruise or Steve Buscemi. All character types are needed, so be honest with yourself. Play into your looks.

Common Character Types Include:

Leading Man
Leading Woman
Girl Next Door
Shady Business Man
Dim Car Thief
Pretty Girl Who Doesn’t Know It
Seedy Landlord
Sales Clerk
Security Guard
Scary Shakedown Man
Sexy Middle Aged Woman

Actor Brad Picard with two different character types. On the left he plays an outlaw biker character. On the right, he is a father type figure.