Creative Family Photos

A creative family photo with weapons.

Creative Family Photos in Spokane

My good friend Abbey isn’t normal.  In fact, I think she would be offended if I called her that.  With her kids growing up and the addition of a new dog, it was time to get some new pictures for her wall.  We started talking about what we should do for her portraits – considering the beautiful Riverfront Park or the moody Browne’s Addition neighborhood. We knew it couldn’t be boring or traditional – that just didn’t fit with her personality.  She said she wanted some creative family photos, and that is exactly what we came up with.

Her kiddos love zombies, gaming, and playing around. The youngest, Isaac, even has an impressive sword collection. What better way to show off their uniqueness and personality than to have an apocalyptic family photo.   With a little bit of planning, we were able to come up with a pretty cool concept that looked like it could be the poster for an AMC TV show.

Family Members for Composite into Create Family PhotoTo create this, I first photographed each person on their own. I wanted to control the lighting so each person would really pop – especially with their weapons. I used the same lighting set-up for each of the four people, so they would look like they all belonged together. Next, I took all the photos into photoshop and cut out the background from each person so I could composite everyone together.  I dropped in a post-apocalyptic background and then toned everything to match the edgy look.  The nerf guns also had to be aged to look less like toys and more like zombie destroying weapons.

Once the composite was complete, I aged it up a bit and got it ready for printing.  It is now the focal point of their living room wall.  Abbey’s said it fits her family perfectly and gets tons of comments from her friends.  Talk about creativity!  I love my job.